Hey everyone!

During our Obon vacation, I had a chance to go rafting in Shikoku. My girlfriend and I reserved a half day with a company called Happy Raft, which we had both used before. Happy Raft is popular with foreigners in Japan because a lot of the guides are from Australia and New Zealand. However, our guide this time was from Tottori, and she only used Japanese with us. She was a great guide – she was confident and charismatic, and very good at her job.


Rafting was a lot of fun! There were 6 people in our group, plus the guide. We followed the guide’s instructions and paddled through the rapids, working as a team. We played lots of games along the way. For example, we tried to push each other out of the boat, splashed the other groups when they came near us, and tried to keep our balance riding on the front of the raft.

The last time I went rafting, I did a full day. That was more exciting and even a little dangerous, but it was also expensive. For most people, a half-day course is probably enough. If you want an adventure, give rafting a try!