Breaking into the zoo

Last Saturday we wanted to go for a short hike. Recently we bought a hiking backpack that can also carry a baby. We wanted to test the backpack, so we didn't want to hike too far.


One of our students suggested taking a very short walk around Kyoyama, behind the Ikeda zoo. We drove to the area and parked our car at our student's house (thank you!). The hike was short, but the hill was very steep. At the top of Kyoyama there used to be a small amusement park, but it is out of business and now there are some solar panels. the view from the top is very good. Okayama looks so big from up there!



We decided to go down the mountain by another trail. We came across an old Japan Self Defense Force fighter jet. It was used in the 1950s. I thought it was really cool, but Ayumi was not so interested in it.


After that we came to a small door on the trail. There was a sign that said "This is not the way to the zoo." in Japanese. So we thought it was ok to go through the door and we thought the path would go to the bottom of the hill.

But the trail went into the back of the Ikeda Zoo. We were very surprised. We didn't want to go back, so we just quickly walked through the zoo and left. Tatsuki was asleep when we went through the zoo, so he missed all of the animals. We felt bad about breaking into the zoo, so we just went straight to the exit. It was funny though, the zoo should have better security, I think.

David FulvioComment