Korakoen Garden at Night

On Saturday we went to Korakoen Garden in the the evening. All of last week the garden was having special nighttime viewing events. The park was lit up with electric lights and traditional torches also.


There were some actors dressed up as samurai and I got my picture taken with them.  I got to the park just in time, because I was the last person to get my picture taken. After that, there was a flute concert.


About 2/3 of the garden was lit up for the event. Many of the familiar scenes looked very different under the lights at night.


There are night events in the summer also, but I thought that the weather in October was better for taking a walk at night. I was a little cool, but not too cold. One change at Korakoen now is that the parking is not free anymore. We paid 200 yen to park for about 2 hours.


David FulvioComment