Radio MOMO -「Let's Enjoy English!」第8回 Love & Hate

Next week, August 25 Dave will be on Radio MOMO (79.0 FM). He will be on with Chiaki Kamibeppu in 「Let's Enjoy English!」. The program is about 15 minutes long. Chiaki and Dave will practice some basic English conversation talking about using "like, love, favorite and hate".

Date: August 25th (Thursday)

Time: ~6:15pm

Station: Radio MOMO - 79.0 FM



By the way, Radio MOMO got a new mascot. It's name is モモンパ, which is a combination of ももんが and 電波. Momonga is "Japanese dwarf flying squirrel" in English. It is a very cute animal. Dave is holding モモンパ in the picture above.


David FulvioComment