It’s getting warmer now, which means it’s time for BBQ (bar-be-que)!

Where I’m from many families have a gas BBQ in their back yard that they use to grill food for dinner throughout the year.  However, when the weather is nice many people use the grill to have BBQ parties for friends and family.  Often people will bring uncooked meat that the whole party can cook and enjoy. 

A typical backyard BBQ

Common food includes chicken, steak, hamburgers, and hot dogs.  My family also likes to cook shish kebabs, which are like a giant-sized やきとり. 

Shish Kebab

A very popular time for BBQ is in a week or so, when Americans have a three day weekend because of a holiday called Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is considered the start of summer, and when I was growing up it was always when the swimming pool opened for the year.  Usually my family would go to the pool and cook using the pool’s BBQ grills on Memorial Day weekend.

I’m going to a BBQ this weekend, how about you? What are your BBQ plans?



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