Spring Break!

It’s finally spring, which means that students in the United States have spring break.  Spring break is about the same length in America as it is in Japan, about a week and a half. 

American spring break is usually planned to be at the same time as the Easter holiday, since that is a time when many families travel to visit family or just for vacation.  Because it is right at the beginning of spring, families have a lot of choices on what they can do with their spring break.  Some families go south to Florida or the Caribbean to have fun in the nice warm weather, but my family usually went to Colorado to go skiing for a week. It is very popular for college students to go to Mexico or other warm places to have a week of fun in the sun.

Students in Mexico on spring breakStudents in Canada on spring break

Students usually don’t have any homework during spring break, or if they do it’s far less than normal.

What about you?  What did you do for spring break when you were a child?

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