New Marvel Movie

Do we have any Marvel fans at NEO? I have been a fan of comic books since I was a kid, and I enjoy seeing them come to life on the silver screen. I think the Marvel movies, such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, have been especially good. I’m a bit of a Marvel geek.

On Friday, April 29th, the next installment in the series hit screens in Japan. This one is called Captain America: Civil War, and it features many of the heroes pitted against each other. If you watched the Avengers movies, this is an exciting time.

There have been 13 Marvel movies so far, including Civil War. Below is a timeline that shows all the movies and TV shows that are part of the universe so far (you can click it to make it bigger). You don’t have to watch them all, but you should try one or two and see if you like them!

silver screen: movie screen
geek: fanatic
installment: part of a series
hit screens: came to movie theaters
pitted against each other: fighting each other