Cherry Blossom Viewing Party?

Last Sunday we had a cherry blossom viewing party. In recent years, the weather has been bad, either rainy or cold and windy, but finally this year, the weather was pretty good. However, it was late in the cherry blossom season, so most of the cherry blossoms had fallen to the ground and there were some green leaves coming out as well.

I went to the Asahi riverside early in the morning on Sunday and reserved a large space for our group of students and friends. Many people were coming and going all day long, but I think that over 50 people joined us. Ayumi took Tatsuki and Satoshi home after they fell asleep because they played so much. Some people stayed until it got dark and then about 12 of us went to karaoke for a few hours. I was really tired by the time I got home, but I had a wonderful time.

Thanks for coming out everybody! 

David FulvioComment