My Holiday Plans

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!  I hope that everyone has a good winter vacation.  I will be going to San Diego, California, for my vacation.  I am very excited to go, since I used to live there and my grandmother lives there.  My whole family is going to gather for Christmas so that we can celebrate the holidays and my Grandmother’s 90th birthday, which is in January.  I will also be able to visit my friends and eat a lot of delicious local food.  San Diego is famous for its Mexican food, especially fish tacos.


I am also excited to visit the famous San Diego Zoo.  It is the biggest and nicest Zoo in America, and it has many fun things to do.  The weather will also be very nice, as it is about 20 degrees every day of the year in San Diego.  Summer never ends there.


I am not excited for the plane flight, however.  From my door to my hotel the trip will be about 24 hours.  However, I will be happy to come back to Japan and see all of your smiling faces!  I have really enjoyed my first four months at NEO and I look forward to many more!  Everyone be safe over the break and I’ll see you next year!