Entrance ceremony


On Thursday, Tatsuki had his entrance ceremony for Karatachi Day Care Center (カラタチ保育園). It was my first time to go to such an entrance ceremony. In America, schools don't have entrance ceremonies, only graduation ceremonies. All of the students were sitting and waiting for the new students and their parents. Then we were introduced and the students sang the school song.


After the ceremony, we went to Tatsuki's room (ひよこ組)and we stayed there for about an hour. 

On Friday, we went together with Tatsuki and just stayed for 90 minutes. On Monday, he will go alone for 2 hours and then come home. Eventually, he will stay there from 9am to 6pm. I hope that he doesn't cry too much on Monday.


Out student Toshiko-san gave Tatsuki some congratulatory flowers fresh from her garden!

David FulvioComment