My Sunday

I am a member of a baseball team in Kurashiki. Over 10 years ago, I lived in Kurashiki. At that time I joined a baseball team. The team's name is the Wanderers. There are just 2 foreigners on the team. The other foreigner is an Australian. We often have games on Saturday or Sunday. This season, almost all of the games have been on Saturday, so I could not play because NEO is open on Saturdays. So finally we had a Sunday game! I was very excited! I woke up early, got dressed in my uniform and drove out to Kurashiki. Ayumi and Tatsuki wore their Wanderers shirts too.


But there was no game. All of the Saturday games were canceled because of rain. The Saturday games were played on Sunday. The tournament organizers forgot to call my coach to tell him. So all of my team arrived, but there was no game for us. We were dissapointed. So we went to visit Ayumi's mother in Tamashima.


Later on Sunday evening, I went to RJ's new house. RJ recently moved from an apartment to a rental house. It is much, much bigger than his old apartment. So he decided to buy a second computer for his sons. His sons love computer games, so RJ wanted to have a powerful system. He decided to buy all of the parts and ask me to put it together. I have built many computers before, so it was no problem for me.


RJ wanted to thank me, so he cooked some stromboli. Stromboli is an Italian style dish that was invented in America. It is basically a pizza folded in half, with cheese, tomato sauce and many kinds of meat, like pepperoni and ham. It was great! RJ made 4 or 5 small strombolis. I was really full when I left his house.


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