Health Check

On Monday, I went to Junpukai (淳風会)for a health check. I haven't had a health check for about 6 years. Also, this March I turned 35, so I thought that it's time to get checked. I had the basic health checkup and also chose many addtional options. I had an MRI, a chest x-ray, a CT scan, an ultrasound and some blood tests. The Junpukai buidling is like a luxury hotel inside, and all of the patients wear clothing like this:


I used the VIP salon because I ordered so many extra tests and options. The staff was very polite and professional and I didn't have to wait long for anything. After the tests were finished, I had a delicious and healthy lunch, which was good because I didn't eat anything since 9pm the previous night.


I will get my results in about 3 weeks, I hope everything is ok with my body. If you need a health test, I recommend Junpukai, it is next to City Hall downtown.

David FulvioComment