The wildlife in Okayama City

I live only about 300 mteres from NEO, but between NEO and my apartment, I can see many different kinds of animals. Last week I was going home and saw some herons (鷺). Herons are one of my favorite types of birds, I think they are so beautiful. I saw three herons, one of them was all white.


Also, last week I was relaxing at home and heard a scream from Ayumi.

"What's wrong?", I asked.

"There's a frog in the kitchen!", she replied.

 I went to the kitchen and looked. There was a very, very small frog on the floor. I picked it up in a tupperware container and took it outside. I sometimes find small frogs outside of my front door or on my bicycle, but that was the first time to see one inside!


I see lots of other animals sometimes too. A few weeks ago I saw a snake and I often see crows and other birds. What kind of animals do you see near your home?

David Fulvio1 Comment