The Super Bowl

On Monday morning, Nick and I went to a bar in Kurashiki to watch the Super Bowl.

What is the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl is the championship game for professional American football. The game is in a different stadium each year. This year, the Green Bay Packers played the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers won the game 31-25. The game was held in Dallas, Texas.


Why did you watch it on a Monday morning? The game is on Sunday night in America, so that means Monday morning Japan time. Luckily, Nick and I have Mondays off, but the game started at 8:30 am, so we had to get up early.

Why did you go to a bar? The game is not on regular TV. It is only on BS satellite TV. Our friends in Kurashiki asked a friendly bar owner to open his bar just for us (about 10 foreigners). It was too early to drink alcohol, so we had coffee and colas.

In America, the Super Bowl is usually a big social event. Many people get together with friends to watch the Super Bowl at a friend's house or at a sports bar. Even people who don't usually watch football watch it once a year. There is always a good halftime show with popular musicians. This year featured the Black Eyed Peas. The Super Bowl is the most watched TV event each year in the US, so there are a lot of new and funny/interesting commercials during the game. Some people enjoy those more than the game. But we couldn't see those commercials in Japan.

We had a lot of fun. After the game I went home and took a long nap.

David FulvioComment