Uncle Joe

2 weeks ago we had a surprise visit from my Uncle Joe. My Uncle Joe is also Nick's uncle. He is the older brother of our mothers. Uncle Joe suddenly emailed me on Friday night and said that he was in Osaka and that he wanted to visit us on Saturday (the next day). I was surprised, but sometimes he is in Japan on business. He is a patent attorney (特許弁護士). He sometimes meets his clients in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. He had a JR rail pass for the shinkansen, so he came to visit us for just a few hours on Saturday. He enjoyed seeing Tatsuki for the first time.


Joe lived in Japan in the 1980s for about 5 years. He met his wife in Tokyo, her name is Hideko, but in America we all call her Aunt Deko. I know that 'deko' means forehead in Japanese, but she decided that nickname when she moved to America. They have 3 daughters, Aiko, Kyoko, and Yuko. They are Nick's and my cousins.

David FulvioComment