I’m back from my vacation. I went to Florida with my sons. My wife didn’t go because it was too expensive. Each ticket cost more than 230,000 yen!

Holy moly!

The trip from Japan to Florida was really long. We flew from Kansai to San Francisco. Then we went from San Francisco to Orlando. The total travel time from my house to Orlando was about 26 hours.

Some of my family met us in Orlando. We stayed in a hotel for one night, and we drove to Daytona Beach the next day.

My vacation was very relaxing. Mostly, I spent time with my family and friends.


Here is my father (sitting down).


Here is my mother.


Here are my brothers and sister (and me).


We went to a lighthouse. It's a tall tower with a bright light at the top. It is used to show sailors that they are close to land.


 And we went to a go-kart track.



We had a great vacation!

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