Hiking and Biking in Kojima

A couple of weeks ago I went to Kojima to bike to the top of Washuzan with my friend. I brought my bike with me on the train and we went from Kojima station all the way to the top of Washuzan. It was a little bit of a tough ride up the mountain, but it was fun.

As we rode up the mountain we kept seeing nice sports cars pass us, and when we got to the top there was a kind of car show in a big parking lot there. We saw lots of cool cars like Ferraris, Honda NSXs, a Corvette, and a few Datsun/Nissan Skyline GTs. It was a nice surprise.

Then we went up to the very top and parked our bikes. We walked down to a nice picnic table and watched the Seto Ohashi and the Inland Sea. It was very beautiful. We stayed until the sun was going down and then went back home. It was a great day!

Hal KenetyComment