As many of you know, I went to Europe with my family over the holiday vacation this year. My wife and I went to Rome, Italy, and met up with my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend. We spent about five days in Rome and then my wife and I went to Seville, Spain (three days), Lisbon, Portugal (four days), and Frankfurt, Germany (one night). We had a great time!

Rome was interesting because it is filled with history. We saw the Vatican, which is the headquarters of the Catholic Church. It is filled with art from various periods of European history, and has some really interesting paintings and sculptures. We also saw ancient Roman ruins, such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon.

In Spain and Portugal we mostly relaxed and walked around – we didn’t make any plans or reservations except for one restaurant in Seville. It was great! We woke up whenever we felt like it, took naps, and ate when we were hungry. We saw a few sights, but spent most of our time relaxing.

Unfortunately, our flight back to Japan was delayed and we had to spend a night in Germany. Germany was nice and the food was good, but it was very cold and got dark at about 4:30.


We had a great trip! Our favorite country was Portugal. The people were very friendly, everything was very cheap, and the English level was extremely high. I recommend it!

Hal KenetyComment