New Year's Party


On Saturday night we had NEO’s New Year’s party (新年会). Twenty NEO students got together with the staff (plus Tatsuki & Satoshi), so we had quite a large group.


We got together at Maihara izakaya by the Daianji intersection downtown. It was my first time there and they served some interesting dishes, like fried asparagus that looked like fried shrimp.


Our original plan was to stay at the restaurant for 2 hours, but we were all chatting so nicely that we were there for almost 3 hours! After we finished eating, we all gathered outside for a group photo.

2019-01-27_05-15-19_IMG_7539 (2).JPG

Some people went home or someplace else, but about 8 of us moved on to another place, a small bar called Tiki Bar Headhunter. This bar is run by my friend “Guchi” and has a Polynesian theme. Guchi also makes delicious fruity cocktails.


By chance, there was a Jive Dance event going on that night. A group of people who enjoy 1940s - 1960s music, dancing and clothing gather there each month. One of the ladies grabbed me and asked me to dance. I’m not a great dancer, but I did take a dancing class way back in university, so I pulled out some of my old Jitterbug moves and had a great time dancing.

We all had a very nice evening and night. Thanks for coming out, everybody!

David FulvioComment