Neighborhood safety

Recently a young man on a scooter has been driving through my neighborhood every morning very fast and was not stopping at the stop signs (止まれ). Actually, he was hardly even slowing down for the stop signs. Many elementary school children are walking to school at the time that he drives by. My son Tatsuki is also walking to school around this time. 

I thought that his driving was very dangerous and I tried to gesture to him to slow down, but he never did. I was worried about him crashing into a young child. So, I took a video of his dangerous driving and reported him to the local police box (交番). After that, the police did not come to stop him, so about 10 days later I went to the Minami Police Station (南警察署). After that, still no police came to stop him.

Last Friday, I wrote an email in Japanese and sent it to the police through their website. My Japanese teacher helped me to write it. 

Finally, this morning the speeding man was stopped by a police motorcycle (白バイ). I was very happy to see him stopped by the police. I hope that he will change his driving style in the future. 

speedster stopped.jpg

I am happy that the police finally came to help.

David FulvioComment