A couple weeks ago I went snowboarding with a couple of friends.  We rented a car and went up to Daisen early on a Sunday morning. 

I didn’t think we needed snow tires, but my friend thought we did, so we paid 1,500 yen extra for them.  It was a good choice! We were stopped on the highway on the way up to make sure we had the correct tires, since some of the roads were completely covered in snow.  I hadn’t driven on roads that were that snowy in several years, so it was kind of a fun experience. 

The road to Daisen.

The road to Daisen.

It was a holiday weekend, so it was very crowded.  We had to park down the mountain a little bit and then take a shuttle bus up to the entrance.  However, the conditions and weather were great! It snowed for most of the day and was very powdery.  We were able to keep going until about 4 pm and then headed home.  I’m hoping to go again in the next few weeks!

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