Peanut Tofu

An Okinawan Treat

Okinawa is filled with great food, but one of my favorites is peanut tofu – known as ジーマーミ豆腐 in Japanese. It’s a creamy, soft tofu infused with peanut oil, which gives it a dessert-like quality.  The first time I tried it in an izakaya in Naha, I immediately ordered two more. It’s that good.

When I went to Naha last year, a bought a bunch of peanut tofu from a supermarket before coming home. The pre-packaged cups are not nearly as good as the real thing. Not bad, but not great. Still, I enjoyed having a taste of it back in Okayama.

So if you happen to see peanut tofu in a local supermarket, or if you get some as omiyage, give it a try. And if you have a chance to go to Okinawa yourself, go to a restaurant and eat as much as you can!

And please bring some back for me, ok?

Nick Vasta2 Comments