Okayama was on American news!

My mom sent me a link the other day to a story about Okayama that was on the CBS Evening News, which is a national news program that is shown every weeknight. About 6 million people watch it each night for an hour. CBS is kind of like NHK in Japan - it is a free national TV network that shows the same programs to everyone.

This story is about a boy from Okayama named Takuto Kawakami, who is a tour guide at Korakuen. He is 10 years old, and his English is amazing! His pronunciation is especially good.

The video is only about 2 minutes, but now 6 million people know a little about Korakuen!

Click on the video below to hear the sound!

There is also an article that has most of the information in text if you want to follow along with the video:

Click here: 10-year-old guide charms tourists in Japanese garden

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