Japanese Test

I’m feeling a little nervous! There’s just a week and a half left until the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). I’m talking the test this year to measure my Japanese ability and see if it has improved.

There are five levels to the JLPT, similar to the Eiken tests. I’m aiming for N2, the second-highest level. At this level, there are two main sections: Vocabulary/Grammar/Reading, and Listening. There’s no writing section, fortunately!

I took N2 a few years ago and failed. Since then, I think my overall communication ability has improved, but reading is still very tough for me. To prepare, I’ve been studying a textbook, taking Japanese lessons, and taking practice tests. Here’s a sample of the reading section:

Hard, right?

I’m taking the test on July 2. Wish me luck!

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