Hanami Party information - 花見情報

Good morning friends! Are you awake yet? I woke up at 5 am and it was still raining a little, so I just came out now to get us a spot. The bare dirt areas are extremely wet and puddly, so I got us a nice grassy spot. We will be on the SOUTH side of the bridge. Just at the bottom of the big ramp. Please use these pictures to orient yourselves. If you can't find us, please call me at 090-3746-3283. I don't think it will rain anymore, but if you plan to stay until evening, you should bring something warm to wear. Also, there are not really any convenience stores or supermarkets nearby, so stock up on booze and food on your way. Of course there are also food stalls along the river selling festival foods and beers. See you all soon. I will come back here before noon if anybody plans on coming early.

David FulvioComment