Last month, I talked to many of my students about my trip to Vietnam. I went to Hanoi and other places in the north part of the country the first week of October, and it was a great experience. I traveled alone, stayed at hostels and homestay houses, and did a lot of hiking and exploring. It was a real adventure.

In Hanoi, I stayed in an area called the Old Quarter. There were cars, bicycles, motorbikes, and tourists everywhere. The traffic was chaotic and there were almost no traffic lights, so crossing the street was a challenge.

After that, I went trekking in Sapa, an area in the mountains which has some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. I learned a lot about the H’Mong people, an ethnic minority that lives in Sapa. They have their own customs, language, and food. 


Finally, I spent some time in Ninh Binh, a city near Hanoi. There are a few well-known tourist attractions in the area, including caves, rivers, and temples. 



I can’t wait to go back to Vietnam! Next time, I’ll probably explore Ho Chi Minh City and the south part of the country.

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