School Fashion

It’s October, and I have noticed that our middle and high school students have started to change their uniforms to the winter styles. 

In America, too, students are changing their clothes to suit the season.  In my high school most students wore shorts and t-shirts at the start of the school year (September), but by the end of October most students were wearing warmer clothes. There was no dress code at my school, so students were free to express themselves with whatever clothes they wanted (as long as they weren’t inappropriate!).  

Warm weather style!Cold weather style!When I was in high school I usually wore a hooded sweatshirt, khaki pants, sneakers, and a baseball cap in the colder months, and a t-shirt, shorts, sandals, and a baseball cap in the warmer months.  Other students wore various clothes – one of my friends was into the ‘punk’ style and wore a lot of leather.  He had a Mohawk that was dyed various colors, and he would sometimes make it into spikes!

A multi-colored mohawk, like my friend had in high schoolWhat did you wear in high school?

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