Cherry Blossom Viewing

We had a big cherry blossom viewing party last Sunday. Usually I go out on Saturday night and save a place for the party, but this year I was feeling sick because Satoshi gave me the stomach flu. So, I went early on Sunday and saved a space. I was feeling very weak and sick all day, but I was happy to see see a lot of my friends and NEO students come to the party. 

Luckily, the rain didn't start until the evening, so we had enough time to enjoy the party and the cherry blossoms. Many NEO students came and went throughout the day. They noticed that many Japanese people find a spot on the groundsheet and sit, but many foreigners at the party don't sit very much. This is true. I think in Western culture, we don't sit on the ground so much, so people feel more comfortable standing. I was very tired from my stomach flu, so I was happy to sit down a lot.

Thank you all for coming to the party! Sorry, I didn't get everybody's pictures...

David FulvioComment