Budo in Chiba Prefecture

Last weekend I went to the International Senimar on Budo Culture (国際武道文化セミナー) in Katsuura (勝浦市), Chiba Prefecture. I have been attending this event almost every year since 2007. It is sponsored by the Nippon Budokan (日本武道館).
Arout 100 foreigners that practice Japanese Budo get together to train for three days at the Nippon Budokan Training Center (日本武道館研修センター) at International Budo University (国際武道大学). Nine different kinds of Budo training happens and very high-ranking teachers come for each Budo. We also listened to lectures about Budo and had group discussions.
I practice Aikido, so I went to Aikido practices and I also tried Kyudo and Kendo practices. I saw many old friends from countries all around the world like Germany, Russia, New Zealand and more. I also made some new friends this year.
After the seminar, I stayed one night in Tokyo and had some good Chicago style pizza with friends. It was a long weekend, but I really enjoy it every year. I am grateful that Ayumi watches the boys so I can go. I was happy to get back home to them on Monday, though.
David FulvioComment