My Family's Christmas

There are only ten more days before Christmas!  Have you finished all of your shopping?

I’m going home for Christmas this year, so I had to make sure to buy everyone a present.  In my family, everyone gives everyone a present each year, so I had to buy presents for my mother, my father, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, and my grandmother.  It was a lot of presents! My brother and I also often get presents from Santa.

On Christmas Day my family has a schedule that we always follow.  First, we wake up at about eight o’clock and open our stockings, which are filled with little presents like candy or small books.  Then we have breakfast. After breakfast we will all sit together and open the presents one-by-one while everyone watches.  It takes a couple of hours. 

After we open the presents we generally just relax all day.  One of the only businesses that are open on Christmas are movie theatres, so we often go to a movie in the evening.

What about your family?  What do you do for Christmas or New Years day?