Coin Collection

One of the first hobbies for many children is some sort of collection. Popular collections include stamps, trading cards, comic books, and even rocks. These things are fun to collect because they’re relatively cheap and easy to get, and because each one can be unique and interesting. It’s also satisfying to organize and display the things that you’ve accumulated.

When I was young, I had one of the most common collections of all - a coin collection. At first, I loved to collect old or rare American coins. I kept them in a little bank that looked like a safe, like this:


I had several old versions of American coins, like the Buffalo Bill nickel:


Some commemorative ones, like the one-dollar Sacagawea coin:


Later, I starting getting coins from foreign countries, too. Since I couldn’t travel anywhere myself, I got a lot of coins as gifts from friends and family. I even had Japanese coins! My aunt, who is Japanese but lives in the U.S., taped some coins to a piece of paper, labeled it, and sent it to me with a nice letter. It seems like a small thing now, but I spent a lot of time looking at that paper.

I haven’t seen my old coin collection in many years. I’m planning to go home in August of next year, so I want to dig through my old things and find it!