Yomiuri Newspaper quote

Yesterday was the presidential election in America, so the Yomiuri Shimbun contacted me to get an American's opinion of the election. I had a telephone interview with Ayumi. I spoke in English and Ayumi interpreted my answers into Japanese for the reporter. We talked for over 10 minutes, but only one short quote was picked for the article. You can see it in the picture.

I voted by mail about a month ago. I didn't vote for Trump or Clinton, I voted for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson. His policy ideas are the closest to my polict ideas. Of course, I knew that he had zero chance of winning, but I wanted to vote my true feeling instead of picking one of the major candidates.

I think Trump will not be as extreme as the media portrays him. I think relations with Japan will continue as before. The only change might be with TPP, since Trump is opposed to it.

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