Countryside Weekend

Last weekend, I went with the boys (Tatsuki & Satoshi) and a group of friends to Hattoji. Where is Hattoji? Hattoji is past Wake, near the Aida Circuit reacetrack, very close to Hyogo Prefecture. What is in Hattoji? Hattoji is an old style mountain village, where most of the houses are very old, with thatched roofs. Why did you go to Hattoji? 

There is an "International Villa" there, which is just an old farmhouse that people can rent to spend the night. There is a small kitchen, so we brought food to cook for dinner and breakfast. Some friends ust went for the day, other people stayed overnight with us. The weather was not so good, it was foggy and rainy, but the Autumn colors were beautiful and the boys enjoyed walking around the country roads.

David FulvioComment