TV debut!

On Tuesday, Satoshi made his television debut. He was on a local news program on NHK. At the end of the program, they usually show a few photos sent in by viewers. Well, Ayumi's father often watches this show and he decided to send in Satoshi's picture. They selected his picture and contacted him to tell him that he would be featured. I added English subtitles to the video, if you don't see them appear, click the "CC" button in the lower right.

0:02 Next, we have a child's picture.
0:07 This photo was submitted by Shuzo Iwata of Kurashiki.
0:10 This is his 7th grandchild.
0:11 Satoshi Fulvio.
0:13 Satoshi's father is American.
0:17 And his mother is Japanese.
0:18 He's so cute! And at just 11 months old, he can smile right at the camera like that.
0:21 he can smile right at the camera like that.
0:23 I wish I had a natural smile like that.
0:27 Hahahaha.
0:28 Satoshi isn't shy around people,
0:29 and because he always smiles at everybody
0:33 his daycare teachers and older classmates really love him.
0:37 He's gonna be handsome when he grows up.
0:43 Thank you for the picture Mr. Iwata.
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