A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday I went to Korakuen Park for the first time.  I went in the evening, about 7 o’clock.  There were lights set up all throughout the park and it was beautiful. 

There are lots of old-style Japanese buildings around the park, and I sat near one and enjoyed a drink while watching the people wandering around.  Since it was the last night for the lights there were a lot of people!  I was really impressed with the park – everything was so neat and perfect looking, and the grass was cut so evenly.  The line to climb the hill in the park was very long, so I decided not to wait.  Next time I’ll try to get up there.  It was also extremely cold – I am glad that I brought a heavy jacket with me.  The bike ride home was not as pleasant, however.  I forgot to bring my gloves and my hands were freezing by the time I got home!

I especially enjoyed being able to see Okayama Castle in the background.  It was also lit up – although I don’t know if that was part of the Korakuen light show or not.  I haven’t been there yet, it is next on my list of famous Okayama landmarks to visit.  I can pretend to be a samurai or a daimyo or something!  That and seeing Korakuen in the daytime.  I am told that the park is much bigger than the area I got to see on Sunday, so I would really like the chance to explore the area a little more.

I have heard there are two other very famous parks in Japan, I would like to learn more about them and hopefully I will get a chance to see them as well.


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