Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Plan is 避難計画 in Japanese. Do you and your family have an evacuation plan? I just wrote our evacuation plan in Japanese and in English:




  1. アパート(食料品と衣服があるので)
  2. NEO
  3. 岡南小学校
  4. 南高校
  5. 病院(順番:赤十字、岡大)
  6. 玉島の岩田の家(行く前にできたら連絡する)


Evacuation plan:

If contact cannot be made by phone or email, check for each other in this order:

  1. Apartment (because food and clothes are there)
  2. NEO
  3. Konan Elementary School
  4. Minami High School
  5. Hospitals (Red Cross, then Okadai)
  6. Iwata house in Michigoe (try to contact first)

Try to wait at each place as long as it is safe and there are supplies. If there are no supplies, try to move to the next place. If possible, leave a note in Japanese and English about where you plan to go.


I also made an emergency bag (非常用袋) last year. It weighs about 10 kilos and has enough food and equipment for Ayumi, Tatsuki and I to survive an emergency for 3 days. Here are some pictures. If you want a list of the items in the bag, please ask me.

I packed a lot of useful things into it.

I have to update the items with new batteries, new food and bigger diapers (おむつ) for Tatsuki.

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