High School Marching Band Reunion

I graduated from high school in 1984. Last Sunday, a lot of my friends from my high school days came together for a reunion. Although the reunion was held in Florida, I could attend. We set up a video chat so I could meet with and talk to some of my old friends.

It was really fun seeing and talking to so many of my long lost friends. Some of the people I had not seen for 30 years!

Here are some pictures of the reunion and some old pictures too.


My friends were surprised to see my beard. In high school, I looked different.


One time, my band went to a contest. My band director said, "If you win the contest, I will shave half of my moustache." We won.


He shaved half of his moustache again during the reunion.


Everybody had a really good time.


The two guys below are Jim and Dave. They are two of my best friends.


These are the majorettes. 


These are the band officers. I'm in this picture too. Can you find me?


And finally, this is one of the cars I used to drive when I was in high school.

Don't get any ideas. That car was already old when I drove it. The car was made four years before I was born. When that car was made, John F. Kennedy was still alive.