Remodeling pictures: NEO exterior

We had a lot of exterior work done on our building.

We had the front doors painted, the old paint was chipping off and we decided to change the color to dark green.

DSC06012.JPG    DSC07179.JPG

RJ and I spent one day and replaced the weeds in the front with some nice looking gardening stones.

DSC06018.JPG    DSC07145.JPG

We had some cracks in the walls repaired and painted over.

DSC06020.JPG    DSC07148.JPG

DSC06032.JPG    DSC07184.JPG

And we had all of the window frames painted dark green.

DSC06031.JPG    DSC07162.JPG

Yes, I think the outside of NEO is looking pretty good right now. There are a few more projects that I want to do, but I might wait until the weather cools off in the autumn.



David FulvioComment