Flat Staphanie

Who is Flat Stephanie? She is not a real person. She is a paper doll that my cousin Kevin made. His class at elementary school made paper dolls, the girls were named Staphanie and the boys were named Stanley. After they made the dolls, they sent them to friends or family members in far away places. Kevin send his Flat Stephanie to me in April. He asked me to take some pictures in Japan with Stephanie. I took Stephanie to NEO's hanami party and also to Okayama castle. It was good for me, because I hadn't been inside Okayama castle for about 10 years. Kevin used the pictures to teach his classmates about Japan. Flat Stephanie also went to Iraq, because Kevin's dad (my uncle Bob) is in the U.S. Army and was in Baghdad. Here are the pictures that I took:

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