Tatsuki's surgery

Tatsuki had his surgery this morning. Everything went ok, and he is back in his room sleeping now.

He went into the operating room at about 8:30 this morning. I put on a surgical gown and hair net and carried him to the operating table. Then I comforted him while they gave him gas to go to sleep.

He came out of the operating room a little bit after 10 and went to the recovery room. In the recovery room, Tatsuki got an IV and was breathing oxygen for about 2 hours. He woke up a little bit during this time, but was very sleepy. His eyes are red and he was crying alittle bit of blood.

A former NEO student was the nurse helping Tatsuki in the recovery room. We also saw a few doctors and other people that we know.

Tatsuki should come home tomorrow if everything is ok.

David FulvioComment