Thank you to everybody that came out to the Oktoberfest Party! I had a great time talking with everybody and sampling some delicious German beers.

Unfortunately, Tatsuki had a fever and Ayumi had to take him home early. In fact, he missed his Sports Day on Sunday because he was still sick.

Luckily, RJ and I could stay at the party. At first, I thought that only a few students would be interested in an Oktoberfest party, so I was really happy when almost 20 people got together at the restaurant. 

Did you like the food? German food is a lot of meat and potatoes. It is not too different from traditional Pennsylvania food, since many German people moved to Pennsylvania in the 1800s. So for me, I thought it was great. I hope you all liked it too.

And what did you think of the beer? I love weizen beer (wheat beer), that is my favorite. I don't often drink dark beer, but I thought the dark beers were good too.

About 7 of us went to karaoke after the restaurant. We only stayed for an hour, but we managed to squeeze many songs into that time. Good job on singing in English everybody!

Well, that was our first Oktoberfest Party and I think it was a success, so we might do it again next year. What do you think? Please let us know.

Our next party will be the Thanksgiving Party, next month on the 18th. We will have more details soon.

David FulvioComment