Happy New Year!

Hello everybody! We hope that you have a great 2012! Thank you for reading our blog, we want to keep writing interesting things for you to read this year.

Ayumi, Tatsuki and I had a very nice New Year's Day. We visited Ayumi's family in Kurashiki and ate a lot of delicious Osechi. We also celebrated Tatsuki's birthday at that time with the family. We put a 1 kg piece of mochi onto Tatsuki's back and gave him a choice of three objects the crawl to. The things were a harmonica to symbolize music and art, an abacus to symbolize math, business and money, and a set of brushes to smybolize scholarship and writing. Tatsuki easily crawled with the mochi on his back and went for the harmonica right away, probably because it is shiny. He also then grabbed the abacus, so maybe he will be multi-talented in the future.

I will add some photos to this post later. Enjoy your days off!

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