Disc Golf

On Monday I went to Takebe no Mori (たけべの森) to play disc golf with my friend visiting from America. Disc golf is like golf, but instead of clubs and a ball, you use a frisbee and a basket. There are different discs for throwing far (drivers) and short (putters). Disc golf is pretty popular in America. Many parks have courses that you can play on for free or for just a few dollars. In Japan, there are not so many courses. The course at Takebe no Mori is pretty old and nobody is taking care of it. Some of the baskets are falling down. I went there about 3 years ago and the course was in better shape then. In a few more years the course might be gone. My friend Brian plays in many tournaments and competitions in California. I have my own discs, but I cannot practice so often.

David FulvioComment