Party weekend

I have three parties to go to this weekend, but none of them are 忘年会 (end of the year party). Today I already went to a Christmas party at my friend John's apartment. There were about 30 people on his 2DK place. It was a potluck party, so every guest brought some food or drink.
I am now on a train to Fukuyama to go my Aikido dojo's 親睦会. This is not a bonenkai because there is no alcohol at this party. My Aikido dojo is strict, we all wear suits and do not drink, but it is still fun to eat and talk to other dojo members.
Tomorrow my Japanese class will have a Christmas party. I am not sure why it is Christmas party, but we will all get together at the local community center and cook food from various countries (Japan, China, America) and chat in Japanese and have a good time.
NEO is not going to have a bonenkai this year, but we will have a 新年会 in January. We will have more information about that soon.

David FulvioComment