2 NEO Weddings in one day!

Last Saturday, two NEO students had their wedding parties. Ms. N and Mr. M. both got married outside of Japan, but had a wedding party for friends. Ms. N got married in Hawaii last month and Mr. M got married in Italy. 

Mr. M invited us to his wedding party slightly earlier than Ms. N invited us. So, we wanted to go to both parties, but the schedule was impossible. Ms. N, we are sorry that we couldn't be there! Please show us the pictures sometime.

Mr. M's party was at a Spanish/European restaurant downtown and about 50 people were there. The food was excellent and the couple looked great. RJ-sensei gave the "kanpai!" speech in English and in Japanese. He was very funny and everybody laughed. I took a video of it so that I can laugh again in the future.Nick-sensei won one of the presents from the party. Congratulations Nick! We had a wonderful time.

Good luck in the future to both couples, we hope you have happiness, health and love!

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