Meeting with friends

Last week, my friend Kevin was visiting Japan from America. Kevin is Japanese-Chinese American. His last name is Okada, actually. He lived in Japan about 3 years ago and met his wife here in Okayama. They got married last year in Honolulu and Ayumi and I attended the wedding.

Last week was their first time back to Japan in over 2 years, so his wife was very happy to see her family and friends again.

On Thursday, Kevin and I went up to Totorri City to meet our Candian friend. Then, we met Kevin and his wife Yukiyo for dinner at Bokuden Stadium on Saturday night. I love the burdock tempura at Bokuden. It is soooo delicious!

I am always happy to see old friends again. Have you met any old friends recently?

David Fulvio4 Comments