My American Golden Week

Over Golden Week I went back to visit my parents in Washington, DC. I was only there for a few days, but my wife and I were able to do a lot of sightseeing.

I had about 13 hours between planes in Seattle, Washington, so I took a train downtown and went sightseeing. I’ve never been there before so it was interesting to see Seattle’s famous tower, the Space Needle, and walk around the famous Pike Place Market.

We went to downtown DC to see some museums and go to a baseball game one day. The next day we drove about an hour north to Baltimore, Maryland to see the city and visit the National Aquarium. 

The day after that we took a plane to Detroit, Michigan and drove about two hours to Bryan, Ohio, which is my mother’s hometown. We visited some friends and family there and toured the candy company in town. Then back to Japan! It was a very busy week for us.

What did you do for Golden Week?

Hal KenetyComment
Golden Week 2019

I finally made plans for Golden Week. As usual, it was very late-minute and a little more expensive than it should have been…but I got tickets to Busan, South Korea! I’ll be there for almost five days, which should be plenty of time to explore the city.

I was in Busan once before, way back in 2011. But I only stayed there about 12 hours before taking a train to another city. This time, I’ll be traveling with a few friends. We’re going to see as much of the city as possible, and maybe take a couple of day trips as well.

Last time it rained almost the whole day and I didn’t a lot of pictures. I hope the weather will be nicer this time around!

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そのMちゃん、最後のレッスンにこんな可愛い手作りカードを準備してくれました。時期はちょうどEaster(復活祭)。Easter bunnyにEaster eggです。

イースターは宗教的な理由のあるholiday(お祝い)で、キリスト教でない日本人にはあまり馴染みのないものです。おまけにクリスマスと違い、毎年カレンダーに合わせてEaster Sundayは変わるので意識に残りにくいものでもあります。子供たちはゆで卵の殻に色付けをし、それを野外の芝生や植え込みに隠しておき、それを探しに行くという内容です。


We hate to see things go to waste, but if the boiled eggs have been out at room temperature for more than two hours, discard them.



英語学習者に良く知られている単語はthrow awayですが、ここではdiscardとしています。それ以外にもtossと言うこともできます。どちらもよく使う単語です。


Radio MOMO 「Let's Enjoy English!」第40 - Golden Week・ゴールデンウィーク

Dave-sensei will be on Radio MOMO (79.0FM) with D.J. Chiaki Kamibeppu on Thursday April 24th at about 5:40 pm. They will talk in English and Japanese about Golden Week and the new Emperor.

4月24日(木)5時40分ごろにDave先生がRadio MOMO (79.0FM) に出演します(DJは上別府千晶さん)。英語と日本語の両方でGWと天皇について話します。

David FulvioComment
Hiking and Biking in Kojima

A couple of weeks ago I went to Kojima to bike to the top of Washuzan with my friend. I brought my bike with me on the train and we went from Kojima station all the way to the top of Washuzan. It was a little bit of a tough ride up the mountain, but it was fun.

As we rode up the mountain we kept seeing nice sports cars pass us, and when we got to the top there was a kind of car show in a big parking lot there. We saw lots of cool cars like Ferraris, Honda NSXs, a Corvette, and a few Datsun/Nissan Skyline GTs. It was a nice surprise.

Then we went up to the very top and parked our bikes. We walked down to a nice picnic table and watched the Seto Ohashi and the Inland Sea. It was very beautiful. We stayed until the sun was going down and then went back home. It was a great day!

Hal KenetyComment